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Thriving Lotus® Somatic & Inner Yoga Holistic Therapy
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Pamela Domzalski

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C-IAYT (1300HR) 


"Dear Lotus, you are meant to thrive in health, happiness, peace and prosperity. I can assist you in creating this lifestyle for yourself, holistically in +mind+body+soul+. I support you in your blooming your life into "full lotus". My mission is to support, encourage and empower you to be the healthiest, fullest, most freely, authentically true you-being that you are and live the fullest, most fulfilling life in harmony with all of our nature and your unique soul's purpose. If you are ready to make moves from surviving to thriving with me today, I am here for you. If you are ready to make your well-being your priority, let's connect."  Pamela, Thriving Lotus "I am your primary alternative/complementary healthcare provider trained in breadth of practice with depth in specialty areas including natural therapies for mental health, trauma, grief, nervous system health, physical body balanced health, pain prevention/ relief, postural alignment, disease/ post-injury management/ progression prevention, energetic healing/ balance and spiritual health. I support you by facilitating a safe space and the environment conducive to your renewing your inner-communicative integration at the core of your holistic health through strengthening your interconnected conscious relationship of your +mind+body+spirit+ being. During our sessions, an intuitive bonding and partnership will occur where you will be guiding me to guide you into practices that are right for you and your needs, as together we discover root causes of states of unwell within you and how to restore balance and health to your integrated being. Yoga therapy is YOU Therapy! Experience more of yourself through nurturing self-care practices that heal your lifestyle for sustainable well-being. The full meaning of yoga is "union", as in YOUnion. Yoga therapy promotes this "full lotus" lifestyle with practices that facilitate your discovery and blooming of your integrated, full being. Yoga therapy is a trusted, time-tested, research backed modality that provides comprehensive coverage for your natural health, preventive and maintenance care needs. With conditioned-informed care, as your yoga therapist, I will refer you to licensed healthcare professionals if your symptoms suggest your needs fall out of the scope of yoga therapy alternative healthcare which does not diagnose or treat. As a yoga therapist, I practice with the intention to help you discover the root cause of your unpleasant/ painful symptoms rather than just mask symptoms, and we look at your whole body’s +mind+body+spirit+ integrated health. We are not licensed healthcare professionals and some symptoms do indicate the need for professional care before engaging in a yoga therapy program. I am familiar with these medical red flags and will make referrals as deemed appropriate. I will assist and support you in your self-healing utilizing your internal nature and the abundance of nature's natural remedies. My own journey of healing and discovery led me to yoga therapy as I have benefited from its practices myself. I am passionate about helping others overcome states of unwell, traumas, grief, stress, chronic illnesses and pain. As an accredited yoga therapy graduate certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, I completed studies time-equivalent to a master’s degrees program that covered human anatomy similar to that of massage therapy programs, Ayurvedic/ Eastern science/ natural medicine, movement therapies including but not limited to yoga, somatic/ psychosomatic and spiritual health practices and more. I am an all-inclusive provider and do not share my spiritual beliefs with clients during sessions unless given permission to and the conversation has naturally taken us there. When you pay for a session with me, you are paying me for my time, efforts, actions, materials and empowering education I provide you through my services. I provide a safe space for you to explore yourself, including your spirit nature and source, and encourage you to discover your own personal spiritual relationship that is not for me to define in any way. For the healing arts services that I provide, I do not charge for energy/ spiritual healing/ prayer as I believe that God's healing and love are free to all and your healing is between you and God. I am master certified in usui reiki and have studied under a Holy Spirit led shaman to recognize and intercept harmful energies and spirits, so that I may intercede for you if you desire this complementary to any session. Your prayer requests are always welcome any time." With much love, Pamela


Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist (Holistic Therapist) Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor Mind-Body-Soul Integrated Embodiment Specialist Polyvagal Trauma & Grief Healing Facilitator Somatic & Emotional Resiliency Specialist Vibrational Sound & Energy Health Practitioner Multi-certified Specialty Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor Relationships Coach & Workshop Facilitator Therapeutic & Expressive Arts Facilitator Plant-Focused Nutrition & Herbal Wellness Coach Trauma-informed Resiliency & Recovery Yoga Instructor 500RYT, E-200RYT & YACEP Registered Yoga Instructor Yoga & Wellness Retreats Facilitator & More

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