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Additional Testimonials

"Thriving Lotus/Pamela is very intuitive and aware of my needs, challenges and strengths when it comes to yoga and life guidance. I’ve been working with her for over a year now several times a week. She is by far the most

in-tune life coach that I’ve experienced. 100%" - R.J.

"Pam's style is intuitive and gentle. With a beautiful spiritual infusion, she helps to release stress, tension and trauma and bring light into the heaviness we carry in our day to day lives." - I. Lee

"Gentle, calm, insightful yet so very knowledgeable in her own practice that she easily guides us so we too can achieve goals for our own practice." - B. Reese 

"You did an outstanding job of creating a safe space for the women to open up and release.  You modeled vulnerability at the very first intro circle and clearly there were women among us who came to be with you (with us!) to do some gentle healing.  You have a deep soulful way to you that is naturally very inviting and very heartfelt." - A.G.

"Wonderful, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere." - V.P.

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