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Pamela Domzalski C-IAYT

Multi-Certified Holistic Health Life Coach & Mentor

Whole-Body Well-Being Lifestyle & Life Balance

Heart-Aligned Mindset Coach (REBT, CBT, NLP)

With a University B.S. Minor in Psychology

Recovery, Grief, Life & Death Doula

Spiritual Mentor & Soul Purpose Coach

Transformational Embodiment & Empowerment


Internationally Cert. 1300HR Yoga (Holistic) Therapist

Mindfulness Life Coach & Therapeutic Arts Coach

Trauma-Informed 500RYT 200E-RYT YACEP

Energy Health & Sound Therapy

Somatic & Emotion Release 

Movement & Relaxation Therapies

EFT, Nervous System & Emotional Resiliency & More

Pamela is the founder and CEO at Thriving Lotus (also her spiritual name) & creator of the Alive to Thrive Well-being Blueprint TM, Alive to Thrive Life-Balance Coaching TM and Somatic & Inner Yoga-Holitic TherapyTMShe is passionate about holistic health & wellness and utilizing natural energetic healing & yogic practices, eco & art therapies and creative expression to facilitate the environment where others feel free and empowered to embody their fullest selves. Spiritually aware as a child, she felt the love for all other beings that swelled up in her heart and wanted more than anything to see universal healing, happiness, peace & prosperity manifest in her lifetime. Pamela's heart-led intuition filled her with a knowing purpose of being a guiding light and comforting support to her peers. It took her decades of  "coming of age", experiencing and overcoming a variety of earthly hardships & traumas herself, to gain the clarity, wisdom and relatability to do so effectively. Her deep love & respect for the individual's divinely empowered journey to heal from life's inevitable hardships is evident in her coaching and lifestyle. She is on a mission to support you in your self-healing, self-revelation/ awakening & embodiment transformation journeying from seeds of pain to greater awareness and revealing of your passionate, purpose-driven, joy-filled life. She offers customized holistic health & well-being life coaching sessions & yoga/ natural therapies that are evidence-based for pain and stress relief. 


Pamela is also passionate about healthy relationships & our connection to and love for the whole of ourselves overflowing into the broadened awareness of our connection to & love for all others. Certified specifically in Relationship Life Coaching and Workshop Facilitation, She also offers couple and group setting coaching, workshops and retreats, where you can connect and cocreate with others. In addition to her life coaching certifications in many specialty areas and her advanced certifications in yoga instruction & yoga therapy, Pamela has acquired trainings in many different styles of yoga, breath-work, sound healing therapy and energy healing modalities. She has completed extensive studies in Ayurveda (yoga's sister science for health) & traditional herbal remedies from a variety of cultures around the world, trauma-informed yoga for recovery & resiliency, and Holy Spirit Led Shamanic herbal & spiritual healing methodologies. 


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Some Of The Coaches in Our Network

Holding Hands

You are one of us! We are truly all Thriving Lotuses. As part of our community, you will have this as your constant reminder of your fullness. You have opportunities to engage with us in a variety of capacities. Contact us to explore those with us! 

The Thriving Lotus Community includes a network of coaches and practitioners offering a well-rounded, FULL and THRIVING abundance of services and offerings, specializing in and trained and/or certified in a plethora of specialty areas of life. If you feel stuck or just know you can leverage the support from a coach / mentor to bloom more abundantly as your fullest self, We are here for YOU!

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