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Thriving Lotus® Alive to Thrive Life Balance Coaching TM

An exclusive customized approach to discovering your unique well-BEing blueprint for optimizing your holistic health with life balance, because you are alive to thrive! Our founder, Pamela Domzalski, created a system for empowering your self-discovery and supporting your blooming into your "full lotus life", an optimal life balance where you acheive the peace and joy in life you are meant to enjoy. Now is the time to Transform Your Life!

The Alive to Thrive Well-Being Blueprint TM - Areas of Assessment, Exploration & Opportunity

Health            |            Happiness
Peace            |            Prosperity

Optimal Nourishment, a Healthy Lifestyle, Feeds not Only our Physical Body but also our Mind, Soul and Spirit. Alive to Thrive Life Coaching facilitates your self-discovery and transformation holistically by nourishing body, mind and soul.


Alive to Thrive Life Balance Coaching will help you assess your current state of nourishment in your diet and other habits, educate you on plant nutrition and reveal opportunities for replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones, mind movement and soul food!

Movement is essential to living, both internal and external movement. This is our walk of life, and walking is a primary means of exploration, of life experience. It is not only necessary to keep our physical bodies healthy, but it also keeps our energetic body healthy.


Alive to Thrive Life Balance Coaching will help you assess your current state of physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual movement, and reveal opportunities for optimal movement in flowing alignment with your fullest state of being, facilitating a balanced and happy life!

Proper rest and relaxation in balance with our movements is also essential to optimal living. The physical world is one of dualities intended to balance, and our physical bodies and minds need rest in order to live life to the fullest. 


Alive to Thrive Life Balance Coaching will help you assess your current state of rest, your sleep / wake cycle, relaxation aptitude and ease, corresponding stress and energy levels, and self-care / self-love-in-action habits. Your mentor will facilitate exploration of opportunities to optimize and achieve balance.

Every human goes through hardship and thus trauma in this physical realm, and it affects us deeply on every level, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We can often feel soul "loss" or disconnection from Spirit although we never truly lose our soul or spirit. Healing gets us through the feels with love, compassion and support.


Your Alive to Thrive Life Coaching Mentor will support and empower you to assess your current state of recovery, including any unhealthy coping habits. Your mentor will facilitate exploration of opportunities to awaken your love, compassion, awareness and innate ability to heal and to develop new self-love-in-action practices and habits.

We can only get so far with our healing and well-being until we choose to let go and just BE, to just be our full selves. It's not easy as our minds want to figure out things, yet to be, in truth, is beyond mental comprehension. We could expend endless effort to no avail, or alternatively, just let go and effortlessly BE.


Your mentor will empower you to open up to full self-awareness and self-love, aligning the mind's ego with the full self of body, mind, soul and spirit. BEing has a lot to do with beliefs, as does mindset. Our beliefs are our living truth in action, and thus so important to address and intentionally replace false beliefs so we can embody our purest, fullest truth.

Life is just as much about Expressing our unique, individual soul as it is about Experiencing. Our collective experience depends on individual expression. To BE our purest, fullest truth, we need to allow ourselves to express it freely without judgement, with love. We are creators, manifesting individually, collectively, collaboratively.


Alive to Thrive Life Balance Coaching will facilitate exploration into your creative nature and soul expression and may utilize a variety of creative practices to do so. We can appreciate and receive inspiration from others' creativity, as well as, explore creative outlets to express our soul creativity. Life is full of fun and joy when we allow ourselves to BE Free!

We experience the truth of our connection in Relationship. Often challenging given our individual differences, when we open to see that those differences are what makes experiencing as an individual possible, we awaken to the deeper truth of likeness, equality, interconnectedness, and the balance that dualities of perception afford our experience and opportunity to experience more fully.


Alive to Thrive Life Balance Coaching includes relationships and facilitates open communication, empathy and understanding from all angles of perception, exploring connection using a variety of practices. First and foremost, you will give your loving attention to your relationship with yourself from which all relationship blooms.

We bloom when we are self-... attentive, reflective, compassionate, loving, and expressive, so we may also connect with and nourish one another in these same ways. Community gives us a place to feel our roots in the ground we share, feel our lives touch and share vitality just like the air we all breathe. Its supportive and collaborative, as flowers blooming together create a garden.


Thriving Lotus is Community, a network of beautiful souls engaging in mutually and equally beneficial relationships, and we welcome you as one. We facilitate workshops, events and retreats to gather ourselves together in order to blosom together. These include themes and discussions, sharing our stories and passions, meditations and yoga and other forms of movement, as well as, creative expression.

The more we make self reflection, assessment and optimizing well-being priority, the more aligned we become, balanced and peaceful we feel. Our intuitive inner voice speaks our truth and thus our soul path's way loud and clear when we are in alignment with our purest, fullest state of being, then we are called to trust it, to flow with it.


Your mentor will support you as you journey along your unique soul's path. The state of flow, just like healing, being and the other aspects of well-being, is not something tangible nor can it be given to you or done for you or to you. You will know when you are in flow, because you choose it, consistently, letting go of false beliefs and the ego's urge to control, until you feel it.

Dear Lotus, You are meant to Thrive, to Blosom so Fragrantly that your Spirit meets itself in the reflection of a thousand butterflies for You are meant to FLY! Manifestation is what just happens when you are in flow; like the bird leverages the flow of the winds, you Fly through skies of endless opportunities that manifest before your eyes. Your vision and movement take you there.


Your mentor will encourage and inspire you, reflect the empowerment you have awakened within yourself through the love and care you choose to give yourself and your life by making your optimal well-being, your truest and fullest you, your priority.

"Will you meet me? Fly Away?" - from Rabbit in the Moon, Out of Body Experience

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