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Yoga-Is-You Therapy

Thriving Lotus®  Yoga/ Holistic (+mind+body+spirit+) Therapy by Pamela Domzalski, C-IAYT Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist, is offered Virtually or In-person in Redding, CA. Yoga Therapy takes all of you into consideration when seeking to address root causes of symptoms, imbalances and dis-ease that are rooted in an integrated fashion throughout every part of your being. Comprehensive, research-backed and time-tested, yoga therapy gets results! Because yoga therapy is YOU-therapy, practices you get to choose from, create new habits from, that assist and empower you to self-heal, balance and improve your mental/ emotional health, physical health, energy health and spiritual health. Schedule your FREE initial consult today! See below for more details on how yoga therapy can benefit you.

Conditions that Benefit from Yoga Therapy



  • Arthritis (all kinds) & Osteoporosis

  • Auto-Immune conditions

  • Sciatica & Other/ All types Back Pain

  • Longer Term Recovery from Injuries

  • Muscle Imbalances & Postural Misalignment

  • "Tech Neck", Neck & Shoulder Pain

  • Migraines & Other Headaches

  • Asthma & Other Respiratory Issues

  • High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease

  • GI/ gut imbalances & issues

  • Inflammatory Conditions of all kinds

  • Any Chronic Condition Presenting Special Needs Physically

Mental/ Nervous System

  • Stress, Anxiety & Depression, PTSD

  • Brain fog, cognitive decline & dementia

  • Trauma/ Dysregulated Nervous System (issues with fight, flight, freeze responses staying on or coming on in absence of present danger/ trauma)

  • Emotions that got "stuck" in us over time & Energetic blockages

  • Other Mental health conditions & concerns that are already being treated by a medical professional or that have been deemed by a professional to not be a clinical mental illness


  • Feeling soul loss/ void of soul purpose

  • Feeling hopeless/ hopelessness

  • Chronically feeling restless, irritable and discontent

  • Addictions/ Alcoholism 

  • Chronic loneliness / feeling alone/ misunderstood

  • Grieving the death of a loved one

  • Grieving the loss of career, marriage etc.

  • Spiritual blockages caused by spiritual traumas

  • Feeling lost and searching for more

  • Feeling weighed down and sense of not being in control of one's own life

Disclaimer: Yoga Therapy, Yoga and other wellness umbrella instruction by an RYT, natural alternative/complimentary therapies and life coaching can improve your recovery and life in general when utilized supplementally, and are not a replacement or treatment for any medical condition or illness nor do we have licensed professionals that diagnose conditions. Yoga instruction is facilitated by a yoga alliance registered, certified yoga teacher, and Pamela has also been certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT) to practice yoga therapy upon her having graduated from an accredited comprehensive yoga and other movement (in mind, body and soul) therapy program.

"I am your Primary alternative/complementary healthcare provider trained in breadth of practice with depth in specialty areas including natural therapies for mental health, trauma, grief, physical body balanced health, pain prevention/ relief, postural alignment, disease/ post-injury management/ progression prevention, energetic healing/ balance and spiritual health. I support you by facilitating a safe space and the environment conducive to your renewing your communication through your interconnected relationship of your +mind+body+spirit+. During our sessions, an intuitive bonding and partnership will occur where you will be guiding me to guide you into practices that are right for you and your needs, as together we discover root causes of states of unwell within you and how to restore balance and health to your integrated being. Dear Lotus, you are meant to thrive! I am here to support you in your blooming your life into full lotus.


Yoga therapy is YOU Therapy! Experience more of yourself through nurturing self-care practices that heal your lifestyle for sustainable well-being. The full meaning of yoga is "union", as in YOUnion. Yoga therapy promotes this "full lotus" lifestyle with practices that facilitate your discovery and blooming of your integrated, full being.


Yoga therapy is an educated and intuitive healing modality rooted  in ancient Eastern holistic-natural sciences and integrated with the familiarity and natural practices of modern somatic and mind-body healthcare. It is much more in depth than a private yoga practice alone, as it is a customized evolving set of practices that addresses the client's individual holistic health and well-being needs in all areas of being. The customized practices of yoga therapy will fit not only your fitness and physical health needs but any other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs for which you choose to address through this comprehensive holistic approach to optimal health.


Yoga therapy addresses the "issues in your tissues", the memory of unprocessed emotional energy that gets trapped within our bodies and causes illness, even those genetically passed down through generations. By providing a variety of trauma-informed, restorative practices, it empowers your self-healing in a sustainable, life-enriching fashion. It utilizes ancient Eastern medicine and wisdom to help you discover the possible root causes of any dis-ease and the possible remedies rooted in ancient knowledge and practice, in addition to, assisting you in spiritual awakening, well-being, awareness of your own needs to heal and achieve optimal well-being, and empowerment to lead your own self-healing. Yoga therapy can bring you greater harmony, balance, stability, strength, flexibility, resiliency and optimal health, happiness and peace. It is grounded in the yogic philosophy of one/ united being, meaning all aspects of our being having an integrated form in need of a holistic (interconnected, whole) therapy.

Yoga Therapy is a proven and respected modality of supplementary healthcare that can help relieve and prevent adverse health conditions in the mind, body and soul. For instance, trauma may cause a dysregulated nervous system and/or feelings of spiritual soul loss. The good news is three fold! You are not alone for everyone experiences trauma in their lifetime. You can not truly lose your soul even though it may feel that way. And yoga therapy can help!

Yoga therapy provides comprehensive coverage for your natural health, preventive and maintenance care needs. With conditioned-informed care, as your yoga therapist, I will refer you to licensed healthcare professionals if your symptoms suggest your needs fall out of the scope of alternative healthcare. A yoga therapist is a primary alternative/ complementary healthcare provider who has studied a breadth of practice with the intention to help you discover the root cause of your unpleasant/ painful symptoms rather than just mask symptoms, and we look at your whole body’s +mind+body+spirit+ integrated health. We are not licensed healthcare professionals, however, and some symptoms do indicate the need for professional care before engaging in a yoga therapy program. I am familiar with these medical red flags and will make referrals as deemed appropriate.


My own journey of healing and discovery led me to yoga therapy as I have benefited from its practices myself. I am passionate about helping others overcome states of unwell, traumas, grief, stress, chronic illnesses and pain. As an accredited yoga therapy graduate certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, I completed studies time-equivalent to a master’s degrees program that covered human anatomy similar to that of massage therapy programs, Ayurvedic/ Eastern science/ natural medicine, movement therapies including but not limited to yoga, somatic/ psychosomatic and spiritual health practices and more.


I am an all-inclusive provider and do not share my beliefs with clients during sessions unless given permission to and the conversation has naturally taken us there. When you pay for a session with me, you are paying me for my time, efforts, actions, materials and empowering education I provide you through my services. I provide a safe space for you to explore yourself, including your spirit nature and source, and encourage you to discover your own personal spiritual relationship that is not for me to define in any way." - Pamela

“Balancing in yoga and life is a reflection of our inner state. Can we dance with change? Can we fall and try again with playfulness? Do we have the focus, skill, and attunement to find the still point within it all?” Shiva Rea

“The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.” Jason Crandell


“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”  The Bhagavad Gita


"The meaning of our self is not to be found in its separateness from God and others, but in the ceaseless realization of yoga, of union." Rabindranath Tagore

“In asana practice we learn to cherish each breath, to cherish every cell in our bodies. The time we spend on the mat is love in action” Rolf Gates

“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.”  “The attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga.” ― Yogi Bhajan

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