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Yoga/ Movement & Natural Therapy Package

Natural, Holistic Health & Wellness Therapies by C-IAYT Yoga Therapist - Assessment & 3+ Sessions

    Service Description

    Yoga/ Movement & Natural Therapies are educated and intuitive healing modalities with a customized evolving set of practices that address the client's individual holistic health and well-being in all areas of being (physical, mental/emotional, spiritual). These practices can bring you greater harmony, balance, stability, strength, flexibility, resiliency and optimal health, happiness and peace. Yoga/ Movement & Natural Therapies utilizes ancient wisdom to educate of possible root causes of any dis-ease and possible remedies rooted in education and practice, in addition to, assisting in spiritual awakening, mental/ emotional well-being, empowerment to self-heal, self-discovery and awareness of current state of imbalance. It includes assessment tests and results with follow up practices for physical body alignment, muscular balance, emotional resiliency, chakra/ energetic balance, spiritual health and more! Yoga/ Movement & Natural Therapies recognizes that relief of symptoms is just one facet of the healing process and that not all illness and disease can be cured. We do not diagnose, cure or treat; we do provide education and practices that heal lives, reduce pain and stress, and relieve physical symptoms and psychological suffering. We recognize that the healing process is unique to each individual and modify practices appropriately depending upon the individual. Session packages include Yoga/ Movement & Natural Therapies with Practices to support you on your journey to healing and improved health & well-being and included some Specialty Mentoring/ Coaching as needed. This purchase covers your initial FREE intake/ 30 to 60 minute phone call, assessment evaluation time and your choice of a sessions package. Your commitment, including daily intentions and action towards adopting healthier habits through suggested yoga therapy practices, is essential to getting results, the freedom from suffering and the enriched, optimal life that is you deserve. You will receive intake forms to fill out prior to your first session. You will be directed to schedule your free intake session today which will be over the phone, and you will have your chosen # sessions pack remaining. Your intake forms are required to be completed and returned at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. Please keep that in mind when scheduling and schedule at least 5+ days ahead. Pamela, Thriving Lotus, is a C-IAYT Yoga Therapist and Advanced Yoga Teacher Informed in Trauma & Recovery.

    Cancelation Policy

    Please contact us to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

    Contact Details

    (804) 833-6691

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