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Plant-Focused Health & Nutrition Package

Package of Coaching Sessions with a Certified Plant-Based Nutrition Health Coach

    Service Description

    Your Heart and Your Brain are critical to your survival, and so is your Gut Health. Perhaps you didn't know this yet, but your Gut feeds the rest of your organs. For a healthy heart and healthy brain function etc. you need a healthy GUT! No BUTs about it! Well, maybe just this one... BUT a healthy diet CAN BE a FUN one... Choosing a colorful plate of food is like gifting your body with a meal of Art! Where do the animals that are part of a typical western diet get their nutrients? PLANTS! So why is it that so many people believe that they need meats in their diets to get the necessary nutrients? Because the food production industry wants you to believe that for their pocketbooks. Even the plant-based food industry propagates the myth that plants in their natural form aren't enough in order to sell their packaged and processed products (which will not give you as much variety and absorption of nutrients as plants will). Fresh and unaltered plants are the only nutrient dense foods on our planet. Hidden in our word planet we see EAT PLANT! If we look around, they naturally grow on our planet. It's not like they are hidden like common sense has been. Herbs are one of the easiest, most hardy of plant types that you can grow yourself or find fresh and local. FRESH herbs are the most nutrient dense. This Package offered by Ryan, our Plant-based Nutrition Health Coach is Customizable to fit Your Needs whether you desire to go completely plant-based or just make some healthier choices and learn about plant nutrient sources that are more easily absorbed. Ryan will also take into account any dietary preferences, medical history, current limitations due to health concerns and your doctor's recommendations. He will help you design a healthier diet to your liking and lifestyle to increase your vibrancy of life by supporting you in breaking harmful habits, creating new healthy habits and setting and following through with your health goals. If you would like plant-based recipes, let Ryan know that you would like to upgrade to the Plants to Plate Program for a one-time additional charge of $55. Get 10 recipes/ month for 6 months! If you prefer, you may book a Free Call to discuss your needs. You may purchase a package here, in which case, you will not be charged for your first session of 30 minutes in place of the free initial consult. Your sessions package will begin with your 2nd session. We are open to Sliding Scale Needs/ Requests. Contact us to discuss.

    Cancellation Policy

    Please contact us to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

    Contact Details

    (804) 833-6691

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