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Holistic Well-BEing Life Balance Program

A Program to support you in your Well-BEing Walk of Life as you Reclaim your Mind-Body-Soul Health

    Service Description

    Reclaim Yourself! You are meant to enjoy a thriving vitality of life, a healthy and happy mind, body and soul! This program takes a thorough, bigger picture view through our Thrive Alive Well-Being Blueprint Assessment of your life, evaluating your health in critical areas within your physical, mental/emotional, energetic and spiritual/ soul bodies and within critical areas of your life where harmony and balance are essential for optimal health and Well-Being. Your Program includes a private sessions package as well as a support program customized to your needs which we help you discover in the assessment stage of the program. Included are 2 online special-focused workshops with the 6 hour session package option, 3 online workshops for the 12 hour session package option, or 6 online workshops for the 24 hour session package option. An optional Facebook group is also included as well as self-help reading materials including the following: one book is provided for the 6 hour session package option, 2 for the 12 hour session package option and 4 for the 24 hour session package option. If you prefer, you may book a Free Call to discuss your needs. You may purchase a package here, in which case, you will not be charged for your first session of 30 minutes in place of the free initial consult. Your sessions package will begin with your 2nd session. We are open to Sliding Scale Needs/ Requests. Contact us to discuss.

    Cancellation Policy

    Please contact us to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

    Contact Details

    (804) 833-6691

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