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Holistic Therapies Packages

Mind-Body-Spirit Health Therapy by C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

    Service Description

    Thriving Lotus® Somatic & Inner Yoga-Holistic Therapy by Pamela Domzalski, C-IAYT Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist, is a science-backed alternative or complementary therapy that takes all of you into consideration when seeking to address root causes of your mental & physical health concerns: symptoms, imbalances and dis-ease. Yoga therapy can eliminate pain and suffering and improve your recovery and life in general when utilized supplementally to your healthcare treatments for any medical conditions or illness. Yoga-Holistic therapy addresses the "issues in your tissues", the memory of unprocessed emotional energy that gets trapped within our bodies and causes illness, even those genetically passed down through generations. By providing a variety of trauma-informed, restorative practices, it empowers your self-healing in a sustainable, life-enriching fashion. Yoga therapy can bring you greater harmony, balance, stability, strength, flexibility, resiliency and optimal health, happiness and peace. It is grounded in the yogic philosophy of one/ united being, meaning all aspects of our being having an integrated form in need of a holistic therapy. You are an integrated being, and this is the therapy that is all about the whole you. Comprehensive and time-tested, yoga therapy gets results! Yoga therapy is YOU-therapy, practices you get to choose from, create new habits from, that assist and empower you to self-heal, balance and improve your mental/ emotional health, physical health, energy health and spiritual health. While a yoga practice is not required to get benefits from yoga therapy, it is encouraged. Your provider is also trained in other, alternative movement practices. Yoga practice can be as much or as little a part of your therapy as you desire. Your provider partners with and supports you, will educate and guide you, and will give you options so you enjoy your sessions. Sessions are offered in packages of three to ten sessions. We encourage you to commit to 90+ days of adopting your new healthy lifestyle modifications in order to see sustainable, life-transforming benefits. Our 8 and 11 session packages are best suited for supporting you in this regard. Your commitment, including daily intentions and action towards adopting healthier habits through suggested yoga therapy practices, is essential to getting results, the freedom from suffering and the enriched, optimal life that is you deserve.

    Cancellation Policy

    Please contact us to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

    Contact Details

    (804) 833-6691

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