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Healthy Parenting/ Co-Parenting Program

Approved by the National Council on Family Relations & National Partnership of Community Leadership

    Service Description

    Congratulations! You have taken the first and biggest step towards being the best parent you can be by setting that intention, and we want to support you by offering our informed programs with proven results to you today for 50% off their valued pricing! We are doing this to show upfront our support to you, your children and family. Because we know that changing the world happens one child at a time. Are you ready to give your role as a parent priority and learn better parenting skills for your children, so that they can flourish? Are you ready to be proactive for their sake and begin to bloom as the parent they deserve? Say YES to you and your children by taking the next step to commit to completing this program taught by Master Trainer Ryan Johnson, Relationship, Family Life, Parenting and Co-parenting Coach, Certified by Dr. Jeffrey Johnson of the National Partnership of Community Leadership. Ryan is also a Certified Mindset Coach with an education in child psychology. This Program is based on successful parenting strategies and lifestyle practices proven to enrich the lives of children when followed. The Program includes a 12 or 24 week Course and Custom Mentorship. Offered at 50% Off our regular coaching prices! Click a Book Now button to get started! Children deserve to have each of their parents healthy and contributing to their well-being. Parenting and/or co-parenting is a critical skill, so let us help support you! Parenting is one of the greatest gifts in life, one that comes with a lot of responsibility. Parents shape their children to a great degree during early childhood, as do sibling relationships. The latter often reflects parental relationships to some degree and is certainly affected by them in positive and/or negative ways. Personal accountability and responsibility, non-violent/ inclusive communication and empathy are critical to ensuring health and happiness in these family relationships. The 12-week Program includes 12 2-hour class sessions scheduled with your mentor plus 6 hours of mentoring time. The 24-week Program includes 24 1-hour class sessions scheduled with your mentor plus 18 hours of mentoring time. There's also a cost-conscious course only option. Ryan, in the middle pic below, is your course facilitator and mentor. Ryan is certified to offer a court-approved version of this course if needed. While the program cost is already discounted, we are open to sliding scale needs/ requests. Contact us at the number below.

    Cancellation Policy

    Please contact us to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

    Contact Details

    (804) 833-6691

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