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Full Circle Energy Clean+Restore Program

1 or 2 Yr Self-Paced Integrated Chakra Energy Personal Deep Dive Program

    Service Description

    Do you feel invigorating energy and vitality of life? Want to feel (more of) this? Have you felt stagnant or stuck in any areas of your life? Ready to be free? This Program is a Energy Freedom Journey through your energy body utilizing your innate ability to self-heal with intention and attention. Start at any time and cycle through your energy body with the seasons, harnessing nature's nurturing, supportive energy to bring your own nature and energy back into harmonizing alignment. Choose the 1-Year 7 Chakra or 2-Year 13 Chakra Program, both self-paced and personalized to your needs, and both integrated energy-wise with your fluid, infinitely saturated chakra (aka energy body) system. Pamela is a mentor passionate about being that support and gentle guide when you feel you need it. She is a C-IAYT certified Yoga (aka Holistic & Natural) Therapist, Multi-Certified Life Coach with Holy Spirit Led Spiritual Healing Training, so she can offer you a blended approach to Energy Healing. The 1-year option for this program concentrates on the main 7 chakras and their integration and is designed to take a year to two years. This option includes 12 personalized 1-1 sessions, 8 guided meditations, a chakra deep dive video and class materials. The 2-year option concentrates on the 13 chakras and their integration as well as your a deeper awareness into the fluidity of your chakra energy body comprised of infinite space within you can explore. With this longer option, you enjoy 24 personalized 1-1 sessions, 13 guided meditations, two chakra deep dive videos and class materials. When purchasing you will be scheduling a Free Intro Call 1-1 to discuss your needs. The monthly program fee can be sliding scale if you are in financial need. Schedule our free consult service to discuss.

    Cancellation Policy

    Please contact us to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

    Contact Details

    (804) 833-6691

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