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Water Ripples
Amrit Kajla Presents

Sacred Flow

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Join Your host, Amrit, and Yoga & Sound Therapist, Pamela, for this

Sacred Gathering celebrating the creative energy of Summer Solstice

and the intuitive energy of the flowing river and whispering waters

that together give birth to manifestation. 


River View Yoga & Meditation

Flow State - Energy - Chakras Workshops 

Cacao and Nature Mandala Creation Ceremony

Sound Bath and Flow Movement/ Dance


Beginner Friendly? Absolutely!


What to Bring:

Your intention to manifest the sacred you and your best life

Water bottle and a packed lunch (refrigeration & water refills provided)

Yoga Mat & Props if you have them (some avail. to borrow/ please reserve)

Where comfortable yoga and dance friendly clothing

This is an outdoor event, so you may want to wear/ bring

sunscreen & bug repellant (natural please)


Group of 2+ ? Please carpool if possible!

Cost: $139 via Paypal (credit/ debit) at the Button below

Or to Pay with Cash, Venmo or in-person Credit:

Contact Amrit at 530-515-9245.

Full refund if cancellation made by 6/12.

Partial refunds not guaranteed and at our discretion after 6/12.

Meet Your Host, Amrit Kajla

Amrit is trained as a Nurse Practitioner, certified in Guided Imagery, Certified Master Herbalist, Art of Feminine Presence Certificate, and a facilitator for the Shasta Resilience Project.  As a speaker, Amrit teaches courses in the art of Meditation, Forgiveness, Visualization and Gratitude. She has knowledge of the scientific effects of these practices along with the long term effects of Stress on the human body. 

Amrit uses her professional and educational background in nursing in conjunction with her compassionate, intuitive and empathetic gifts to best support her clients. She comes from a lineage of the spiritual gift of intuition and has a desire to share it with others. Born of Indian descent and raised in the states, she has mastered the best of both the East and West. Amrit has been promoting health and education to clients for over 20 years. She promotes living an authentic, holistic and healthy lifestyle by teaching you valuable skills. 

Amrit’s personal style is of clarity, compassion and change. While working with Amrit you can easily sense her dedication to encouraging profound change in the lives of her clients. Amrit sees the individual as a multifaceted person teaching skills to balance mind, body, spirit and heart. 


Her deep belief in teaching personal growth in the areas of mindfulness, meditation, contemplative practices, health, wellness- basically, the knowledge that we truly need in order to have richer, healthier and more meaningful lives.


She feels called to choose a less traditional career in the healthcare industry to pursue bridging preventative, alternative health care with spirituality.

Meet Your Facilitator, Pamela D.

Pamela is an advanced level 500 RYT Certified Yoga Teacher, Multi-Certified Holistic Life Coach, and Yoga and Sound Therapist offering energy and naturally therapeutic modalities. She has been Usui Reiki Certified and studied under a Shaman in L.A. and has studied somatic, psychosomatic and spiritual practices and their benefits on the mind, body and soul. She has also studied trauma informed yoga and yoga for recovery and resiliency, and her passion lies most with facilitating the healing of the multi-layered, deeper traumatic root causes that bring about dis-ease in us.

Spiritually aware, empathic and intuitive as a child, she felt the love for all other beings that swelled up in her heart and wanted more than anything to see universal healing, happiness, peace and prosperity manifest in her lifetime. She has a deep love and respect for the individual's divinely empowered, self-transformation journey to heal from life's inevitable hardships and to grow purpose-driven prosperity from their seeds of pain.

Pamela is also passionate about healthy relationships and our connection to and love for the whole of ourselves overflowing into the broadened awareness of our connection to and love for all others. Certified specifically in Relationship Life Coaching among other subspecialties such as Grief doula mentoring, she offers couple and group setting coaching, 1-1 life coaching and yoga therapy, online courses, workshops and retreats. 


Pamela's heart-led intutition filled her with passion for and knowing purpose of being a guiding light and comforting support to her peers. It took her decades of life experiences and overcoming a variety of earthly hardships and traumas herself, to gain the clarity, wisdom and relatability to embody her passions more fully, so that she can mentor others in their journey of healing, optimizing their well-being, with acceptance, gratitude and peace, and transformation with fuller embodiment and manifestation. 

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