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Spiritually aware as a child, Pamela felt the love for all other beings that swelled up in her heart and wanted more than anything to see universal healing, happiness, peace & prosperity manifest in her lifetime. Pamela's heart-led intutition filled her with a knowing purpose of being a guiding light and comforting support to her peers. It took her decades of  "coming of age", experiencing and overcoming a variety of earthly hardships & traumas herself, to gain the clarity, wisdom and relatability to do so effectively. Her deep love & respect for the individual's divinely empowered journey to heal from life's inevitable hardships is evident in her coaching and lifestyle. She is on a mission to support you in your self-healing, self-revelation/ awakening & emodiment transformation journeying from seeds of pain to greater awareness and revealing of your passionate, purpose-driven, joy-filled life.


Pamela's own life experience has brought her face to face with and provided her the opportunity to overcome all sorts of past traumas and to go from "Surviving to Thriving". As a young adult, she found recovery from physical/emotional abuse, PTSD, anxiety, depression, spiritual malady, and unhealthy coping behaviors through her awakened & renewed personal spiritual connection and yogic practices. First introduced to yoga in college, at the turn of the century, Pamela's practice has evolved from a supplemental, physical fitness and emotionally uplifting one (that has done wonders to free her from past work & relationship stressors!) to a committed life practice integrated with her own personal spiritual experience, beliefs and practices. ​Her struggle recovering from late diagnosed Lyme disease back in 2014 was the catalyst from which emerged an even deeper understanding and passion for yoga whole-istically as a much needed mode for restoring and maintaining her health physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. This was the beginning of her passionate, committed relationship with true yoga, her entire / fullest self. ​

Pamela has emerged thriving from her own life's difficulties through incorporating the practice of surrender & full / whole-being "yoga embodiment" adopting a lotus approach to evolutionary transformation and blooming in her personal life. Her spirituality was critical in her healing from the most traumatic experiences of her life, the most recent being widowed in 2016. She has been well acquainted with the darkest depths of grief, as well as the most miraculous and joyful experiences of life. Conscious contact to her Source and to her own beloved divine nature, through mindful(and heart-full)ness, pranayama (breathwork), yoga and meditation have all been essential to her own self-healing, recovery and growth, and she hopes to encourage others to find what works for them to succeed in achieving their optimal well-being and thriving fullness of life.​


Pamela honors the self-healing and transformation journey that each of our lives entails, believing we are each responsible for ourselves, our own lives. Only we ourselves can "fix" our "problems" as our happiness is our own  and no one elses, and we have the power of love within us (our inner shaman) to do so. To her, investing in coaching, healing, therapeutic and self-care practices and treatments are an act of self-love that we choose for ourselves. She believes in life as a humility experiment and a never-ending lesson in love, where every mentor/ guide/ guru has mentor/ guide/ guru(s) as we all learn from one another. She feels it her life's calling to both evolve herself and to openly share her journey and insights with others, facilitating an environment where others may feel enlightened, encouraged, supported & empowered to do the same.


She believes all healing is assisted self-healing, sometimes assisted in the seen world and always in the "unseen" world. She sees that it all begins within ourselves and with our willingness to seek and to receive with a discerning trust that follows our own inner, intuitive, heart-led truth first and foremost. She has found life most gratifying and fulfilling in service to her own health and well-being and thereby (natural flowing forth) in service to others, finding that balance of giving and receiving, these being complementary acts of surrender. 

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