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Therapeutic Learning System Coaching

For Kids of all Ages Who Need Support to Focus and Feel Safe in Typical Learning Environments,

Behavioral Optimization for Enhanced, Integrated Living, Listening and Learning.

From hyper, disengaged, scattered, distracted and sensitive to calm, connected, attentive, focused and regulated.

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Online Booking Coming Soon. In the meantime, Contact Ryan Johnson at 804-668-8475 for more info.
Ryan is a Certified Practitioner of Unyte Integrated Learning Systems: Focus Right and Safe and Sound Protocol.
Ryan also offers therapeutic music instruction in piano and guitar, meeting kids at their level, making learning enjoyable. As a National Partnership for Community Leadership Certified Master Trainer Family Life and Parenting/ Co-Parenting CoachRyan also offers Family Life and Parenting Coaching, Courses and Programs. Learn more Here.

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