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From the Wise Tree,

1. Stay grounded with strong roots in your source.

2. Bend so you don't break.

3. Keep growing and spread out in all directions. The more I root, the more I can reach.

4. There is a season to let go and a season to bloom. Do both gracefully with acceptance and gratitude, surrendering and trusting.

5. Give of your fruit, your shade, of all that you have to give in kindness to others.

From the Peaceful River,

5. Flow, yielding and flexible while transforming your environment to suit your movement.

6. Surrender to flow to where we all are connected.

7. Keep cool even when things heat up. Share that coolness! Welcome birds of all feathers.

8. There is a time to slow down to a peaceful flow and enjoy the scenery and friendship around us, and there is a time to get moving with a bit more haste. We will know what pace the time calls for by being true to ourselves in the present moment.

From the Solid Rock,

1. Endure storms with unshakable faith, stable and grounded in nature.

2. Honor your private and solid connection with your ground. Feel your ground!

3. Sit completely silent and still to find strength.

4. Proudly wear your life-marks as they make you you-nique!

From the Open Sky,

1. Have no limits (no fears;) Darkness is necessary to appreciate the light, and it really is just a matter of perception.

2. Openness creates space where big and magical things happen like life itself!

3. We are always home. We are home.

From the Bright Sun,

1. Show up and shine every day! (even when clouds are blocking you, shine anyway;)

2. Discipline makes us reliable, and we start by showing up for ourselves every day by shining our truth through rain and storms.

3. Bring warmth to others.

4. Light up the world:)

From Nature, our Nature,

1. Don't hurry, fret or force, as nature just happens just as it should.

2. Everything has purpose and every little thing contributes to the splendor of nature as a whole.

3. The best life has to offer is free. We are beings here to BE!

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." - Lao Tzu


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